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Remarque :

The Russian State Library holds a very impressive collection of Jewish books and manuscripts. In particular, the Ginzburg Collection comprises items from three generations of the Ginzburg family (...) The Ginzburg Library originates from Kamenetz-Podolsky in Ukraine. It was discovered in the middle of 1918 and by the end of that same year it was on display at the Rumyantsev Museum. Books and manuscripts were catalogued in 1930 and in 1953 the collection was allocated a number (71) and was also given a name - David Ginzburg's Collection of Manuscripts. Some of the books were then moved to Petersburg, and the more valuable books were taken to Paris where a selection of exquisite rare books was added to the collection.

Formes équivalentes :

  • F. 071 (Davida Gincburga)
  • Fonds David Ginzburg
  • Ф. № 71. Собрание рукописных книг Давида Гинцбурга

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746 Codex hebraico et graeco sermonibus exaratus