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This article investigates the ecloga of passages on death collected from works attributed to John Chrysostom and preserved in New College Manuscript 83, which is classified as CPG 4886. It describes New College Manuscript 83, the contents of its ecloga on death, and provides a direct comparison of this ecloga with another on death published in Patrologia Graeca 63; then the article reflects on what the New College Manuscript ecloga can reveal about the users who created it and their ideas about its use. Because this ecloga attempts to preserve the original location of each passage it cites, and because its author explicitly labeled the rhetorical form of speech-in-character when it appeared, we can speculate that its creators were invested in rhetoric and the preservation of Chrysostom's authority as the composer of specific individual works. This allows us to see that the ecloga conflates its creator's intellectual frameworks with those of late antiquity, in effect retrojecting the processes of knowledge creation and preservation so prevalent in the Byzantine era back into Chrysostom's time.
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Oxford New College fonds principal 083