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Summary/Abstract: The 11th-century Byzantine manuscript Iviron 463 (Mount Athos) contains the ab ridged Ancient Greek version of the hagiographic romance Barlaam and Joasaph. Apart from the beautiful miniatures in the codex, it is also special because of a complete, heretofore not transcribed Old French translation running through the margin of the manuscript. Since the Old French text, which follows the Greek main text precisely, is severely fragmented especially on the side margins, its reconstruction can only be based upon the Greek original. This paper presents the unique readings of the Greek text in the Iviron codex not included in previous edi tions and summarizes the conclusions that can be drawn from these, illuminating significant aspects regarding the date and production circumstances of the Old French translation.
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Hagion Oros Monê Ibêrôn fonds principal 0463 (Lambros 4583) Études sur la tradition manuscrite passim