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The Visio Anastasiae monialis, also known as Apocalypse of Anastasia (BHG 1868- 1870b), is possibly the most famous Byzantine “Tour of hell (and heaven)” narrative, together with the coeval Apocalypse of the Theotokos. This article proposes a list of corrigenda to Rudolf Homburg’ s Teubner edition of 1903, and offers a philological discussion of selected passages, based on new collations of the three manuscripts used by Homburg and three more manuscripts hitherto unstudied. A proekdosis of the prologue of the redactions BHG 1869 and 1870b is also offered. Key words : Apocalypsis Anastasiae, Apocalisse di Anastasia, BHG 1868, BHG 1869, BHG 1870
Villes Dépôts Fonds Cotes Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Jerusalem Patriarchikê bibliothêkê Panaghiou Taphou 066 Sigle J (Silvano) ; ms. "frère" de Par 68, 73 (et n. 39), 74
Jerusalem Patriarchikê bibliothêkê Panaghiou Taphou 097 Sigle K (Silvano) ; apparenté aux rédactions des mss J, Par et A 68, 73, 74 (et n.41, 45)
Milano Biblioteca Ambrosiana fonds principal A 056 sup. (Martini-Bassi 004) Sigle A (Silvano) 68, 71, 72
Oxford Bodleian Library Selden Supra 09 Sigle O (Silvano) 68, 71, 72
Palermo Biblioteca centrale della Regione siciliana “Alberto Bombace” fonds principal III. B. 25 Sigle P (Silvano) 68, 71, 72
Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) grec 1631 Sigle Par (Silvano) ; ms. "frère" de J 68, 71, 72, 73 (et n. 39)