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[= Κῆπος ἀειθαλής. Studi in ricordo di Augusta Acconcia Longo, I, a cura di Francesco D’AIUTO, Santo LUCA, Andrea LUZZI] The present work represents the first attempt to provide a comprehensive study of the Slavonic marginalia to be found in one of the most important manuscripts of Plato’s Dialogues (codex Par. gr. 1808, late eleventh or early twelfth century). The paper consists of two parts: the first includes a number of paleographic, linguistic, and textual remarks, whereas the second provides a complete edition of the Slavonic text. The latter is shown to contain fragments of a Middle-Bulgarian Sticherarium for the month of September (days 1-14) that is without musical notation and was copied between the late twelfth and the first half of the thirteenth century. The translation was undertaken from Greek, but does not appear to derive from the same tradition attested in the Old Russian neumed Sticherarium. Certain linguistic and musicological features may indicate that this version, which is unknown elsewhere, incorporates an archaic textual layer that can be traced back, at least partially, to the Old Bulgarian period.
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Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) Grec 1808