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In this study a new critical edition of the Encomium in honor of St. Matrona of Chios by Bishop Neilos of Rhodes (1350-1437) is presented, according to the two manuscripts in which the encomium has come down to us: the Mosquensis gr. 492, ff. 663r-671r and ff. 487r-496r and the Athoniensis, Dionysiou 228, ff. 15r-36v. In this text, which is the principal source of St. Matrona’s life, Neilos by using rhetorical expressions, passages from the Old and the New Testament, and the Fathers’ texts, exalts her virtues, purity and virginity, emphasizing his very intense love for her. He also recounts her life and her miracles and he reveals important information about the history of Chios. In addition the service in honor of St. Matrona is also presented by Neilos a few years before the encomium. The similarity above the two texts is remarkable, despite the fact that Neilos in these texts honors his compatriot saint in a different way.
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Hagion Oros Μονή Διονυσίου Mss. 0228 (Lambros 3762) Éditions utilisant le manuscrit
Moskva Государственный Исторический Музей (ГИМ) Син. гр. 492 (Vlad. 434) Éditions utilisant le manuscrit


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Nilus Diasorenus, Encomium in S. Matronam Éditions


Nom Remarque Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Rossijskaja Federacija, Moskva, Государственный Исторический Музей (ГИМ), Син. гр., 492 (Vlad. 434), 0, 663-671v, 487-496 85