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Abstract The short catalogue of the manuscripts of the monastery of St. John the Forerunner tu Bazelonos written by Minoïdes Mynas (Par. suppl. gr. 1248, ff. 187v- 190v) in February 1845 is edited and the entries (19) matched with the only other known catalogue penned by A. Papadopulos-Kerameus in 1909 (40 entries), based on a visit to the monastery in 1884. Two of the manuscripts contained in the catalogue of Mynas can be identified (Par. suppl. gr. 613; Petropolit. BPG 743); the rest is probably lost. An inscription contained in manuscript nr. 39 of the monastery and transcribed by Papadopulos-Kerameus identifies Manuel I. Komnenos as the founder of the convent.

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Κωνσταντῖνος Μηνωίδης Μηνᾶς