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Summary/Abstract: In the present study, the homily Ὁμιλία πρὸς μοναζούσας· εἰς τὸ ῥητὸν τοῦ θείου Παύλου, τό, εὐσχημόνως περιπατεῖτε by the patriarch of Constantinople Kallistos I, given by two mss. codices of Mt. Athos, the codex 8 of Hilandar monastery (ff. 324r-329r) and the codex 1074 of Panteleemon monastery (ff. 206v-210v), is edited for the first time. In the edited homily patriarch Kallistos addresses to the nuns of a particular monastery (probably in Constantinople). The content of the homily makes it clear that the patriarch had received specific accusations, according to which these nuns had given up the basic principles of monastic life and had been seized with passions totally opposite to the monastic oaths they had taken. Keywords: Kallistos I; patriarch; monasticism; monastic institution; nuns; debauchery; homiletics
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Hagion Oros Monê Chilandariou Fonds principal 008 (Lambros 229) Éditions utilisant le manuscrit
Hagion Oros Monê Hagiou Panteleêmonos fonds principal 1074 Éditions utilisant le manuscrit