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Abstract: In the middle of the 15th century, Guarino Veronese completed a translation of books 1-10 of Strabo at the behest of pope Nicholas V (1447-1455). In due course he decided to continue this work by translating the rest of the Geography. His autograph manuscript (Bodleianus Canonici Class. Lat. 301), still extant today, is the author’s “working” manuscript which is the focus of our study. Choosing three Greek manuscripts as his model (Etonensis 141, Mosquensis Sinod. gr. 204, Vaticanus gr. 174), Guarino took significant pains in critical edition, as an analysis of the annotations in his own handwriting in the three sources confirms. The humanist also dedicated himself to much rewriting work, composing a description of Verona which was not present in Strabo’s text; we give here its first edition. He thus situated himself as Strabo’s continuator.

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Guarino Veronese A Florence entre 1410 et 1414