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Abstract : In preparing the critical edition of Cyril’s Against Julian, substantial new evidence regarding the indirect tradition of Cyril’s massive refutation of Julian’s pamphlet Against the Galileans has come to light, including some new fragments of both Julian’s and Cyril’s work and a great number of quotations from Cyril’s Against Julian by the Byzantine historian and exegete Michael Glycas (12th century). A thorough investigation of the manuscript transmission has, moreover, shown that the late Augsburg Humanist David Hoeschel (1556-1617) intended to produce a Greek edition of Cyril's Against Julian and for that purpose was comparing the readings of various manuscripts between the years 1613-1617. The Paris manuscript Q (Parisinus supplementi graeci 424: saec. XVII ineuntis) may actually have been written in Augsburg with Hoeschel’s planned edition specifically in mind. The article concludes with an addendum on the newly found Codex Patmos 263 by Katarzyna Prochenko and Christoph Riedweg.
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München Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB) Cod.graec. 539 Le cod. Monacensis graecus 539 (Chrysostome, Aduersus Iudaeos 1, 4-8, de la main de David Hoeschel) est pris comme élément de comparaison pour l’identification de la main de l’érudit augsbourgeois. 266 (n. 41)
Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) Supplément grec 0424 Le cod. Parisinus suppl. gr. 424 (saec. XVII ineuntis) a vraisemblablement été copié à Augsbourg pour l'édition préparée par David Hoeschel
Patmos Monê tou Hagiou Iôannou tou Theologou fonds principal 0263 L'article s'achève sur un "addendum" donnant la notice descriptive, par Katarzyna Prochenko et Christoph Riedweg, du Codex Patmos 263, repéré récemment