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Textes et manuscrits grecs

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The margins of f. 221v-223v of the 11th-c. manuscript Moscow, GIM, Sinod. gr. 156 (Vladimir 369) contain notes written in Armenian language copied in Greek script. Those marginal notes are a translation into Armenian of parts of the Greek text (Passio metaphrastica S. Eustratii et al. soc. mm. BHG 646) appearing on the same folios, consisting of the speech uttered by Mardarios, an Armenian who decided to become a martyr together with Eustratius. After an introduction about the Moscow manuscript and about the tradition of the Passio S. Eustratii, the article provides a first edition of these marginalia datable to the end of the 12th c., together with a transcription into the Armenian alphabet and some philological and linguistic comments. In conclusion we offer some insights about the cultural context of the translation.