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Numéro diktyon : 63020

Type de cote : Actuelle

Titre : Lectionarium

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  • Rédigé par : SCHMID Ulrich
  • Vérifié par : LORRAIN Agnès

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[Cote] Tbilisi, Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts, gr., 27 Actuelle Jusqu'au début des années 2000, le fragment de lectionnaire (gr. 26) constituait les premiers folios du tétraévangile du 9e siècle (gr. 27).

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Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
Aland lectionnaires l 2465 (UD 1510)

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Répertoire Titre Commentaires Tome Pages
0307 Granstrem, 1956, Grečeskie rukopisi v sobranijax Sovetskogo Sojuza (Dopolnitel′nye svedenija)

Contenu :

Numéro Titre Folios Siècle Date Support Principal Remarque Copistes, Possesseurs & Autres Révision
1.A Lectionarium p. 002-5 12 Parchemin as of March 2016 : - fragment of a lectionary that has its own shelf number (gr. 26), but was once physically combined with gr. 27 constituting one Circulation Unit (unité de circulation); - the film on which the images in the VMR are based was taken in 1957 from the physically combined entity consisting of gr. 26 and gr. 27; - since August 2015, gr. 26 has now been registered as a separate object in the Liste under its own number GA l 2465, the respective images have been moved to this location; - as a consequence the "old" binding information has to be collected from both locations in VMR, i.e. GA 0211 and GA l 2465; - it appears, though, that the old binding of the combined "Umlaufeinheit" contained book boards and at least one flyleaf in the beginning; - according to an email exchange with the current manuscript keeper, at present, only a draft version of a modern catalogue description is extant in Georgian, which is eventually due to be published in English; - according to the manuscript keeper the two folios containing the evangelists portrait and the lectionary text appear to belong together; this I cannot assess.
Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
Aland lectionnaires l 2465 (UD 1510)

Témoins (4)

Folios Auteur (Rôle) Oeuvre Identifiant Recension
ou partie
Auteur de la recension (Rôle) BHG Date Lit. Siècle Date Commentaire Contenu Rev. Biblio.
p. 002 Annotationes Annotatio anagraphica possessoris 19 1848 The note is dated and references another date two years earlier (1846), presumably related to the manuscript in which it has been inscribed. It is written in Russian. This note and all other notes on that page refer to the combined "Umlaufeinheit" consisting of gr. 26+27
Annotationes uel textus rossici
Было разсмотрено товарищемъ Министра народнаго просвещения в 1846 году и найдено достойнымъ внимания. Священникъ Никита Богомоловъ. 1848. Translation: "It was examined by vice-Minister of Public Instruction in 1846 and judged worth of interest. Priest Nikita Bogomolov. 1848."
p. 002 Annotationes Annotatio maior 15-18 A couple of notes by different hands, most of them are hard to read and to understand
εδο[...] μικρον μου ληνη (?) ο γεοριε και ο στεφανον ηα το θο- δορον και ορα μιαν να πατιμανε (?) κρασι ηα ναμα να μνημονεβ[...] και ενα κεδελα να αυτη η το μοναστηρ[ι]- ου δεν δοδινα εν κα[τ]αραμενος και ο[...] διδινα εν σηχορημενο και ευλοημ[...] (second hand) το παρον ιερον και αγιον ευαγγελιον
p. 003 Imagines Imago picta 12 - it is unclear whether the evangelist portrait belongs to the lectionnary. - it is unclear which evangelist is depicted.
(Vis. contenu) portrait
(Vis. position) pleine page
p. 004-5 Liturgica Lectionarium incertum 12 Two readings from the Gospel of Luke: Luc 4,31-36 (complete) 5,1-6 (incomplete at the end)