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Italia Firenze Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (BML) Plut. 04. 32 238v 11 1092.12.12 Τhe name Γαδαν is notable. It is not attested by any Greek witness for Gen. 49 according to Wevers 1974, p. 457-465. Probably it arose by a conflation of γαδ and δαν, since the first is sometimes replaced by the second name in some manuscripts.
υιοι Ιακωβ πρωτος Ρουβιμ βʹ (δευτερος) Συμεων· γʹ (τριτος) Λευι· δʹ (τεταρτος) Ιουδας εʹ (πεμπτος) Ζαβουλων· ϛʹ (εκτος) Ισσαχαρ· ζʹ (εβδομος) Δαν· ηʹ (ογδοος) Γαδαν· θʹ (ενατος) Ασσηρ· ιʹ (δεκατος) Νεφθαλειμ· ιαʹ (ενδεκατος) Ιωσηφ· ιβʹ (δωδεκατος) Βενιαμιν.