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This paper offers an edition, with introduction and analysis, of the hitherto unknown catalogue of books belonging to the Flemish humanist Christophe de Longueil (1485‑1522), which was drafted in 1519 in Rome. Though de Longueil’s biography is well known, a closer study of his library sheds new light on his intellectual background and humanist interests, not least because the inventory also lists some of de Longueil’s own works that were previously unknown. Furthermore, the paper places the catalogue within its historical context, discussing de Longueil’s ties with the notary Jacobus Apocellus and the banker Lorenzo di Bartolomeo Bartolini, and tracing the further history of the notarial act and the library. The analysis contributes to a better understanding of de Longueil’s journey to and his departure from Rome in the wake of the famous trial against him for having allegedly commited a crimen laesae maiestatis against the Eternal City.