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Textes et manuscrits grecs

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The National University Library of Turin holds more than 300 Greek manuscripts. The fire which struck the library in 1904 not only destroyed over a hundred manuscripts, but damaged the surviving ones. A huge restoration campaign took place in the following decades. Nevertheless, many Greek codices are now affected by problems, such as a wrong succession of the leaves, or, in some cases, an incorrect attribu- tion of leaves to the manuscripts. The paper deals with the reconstruction of a manuscript, Taur. C.VII.16, which was heavily damaged by the fire. Whereas it was assumed until now that, due to the damages, the manuscript had completely lost one of the two works it contained (the Homeric Centos of the Empress Eu- docia), the paper aims to demonstrate that this text survived the fire and was restored and – incorrectly – identified as another manuscript, Taur. B.VII.31.