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Antonios Byzantios (ca 1680-1711) was a teacher at the Patriarchal Academy of Constantinople for a relatively short period of time (1705-1711). However, he decisively influenced the curriculum of the Greek schools in Southeast Europe through his book Chrestoethia, which is delivered in dozens of eighteenth/ nineteenth century manuscripts and printed editions. Regarding his life and work, we mainly rely on the publications of the historian Perikles Zerlentis (1852-1925). In an article of his (1907), Zerlentis pointed out that he possessed a manuscript, in which were preserved Antonios’ handwritten notes, letters and patriarchal addresses. This valuable manuscript is no longer to be found in his book collection, which now belongs to the General Archives of the Greek State. The main goal of my research is to trace the fate of this manuscript, which is of key importance for the articulation of the life and work of Antonios Byzantios. In my article I reconstruct the content of the latent “Zerlentis codex” based on the information he cites in his article. Furthermore, I demonstrate that the texts mentioned by him come not from one but from two codices: one of his own manuscripts, State General Archives, Zerlentis Collection 1, and another now deposited in the British Library, Add MS 8234, originating from the library of Phanariot Nikolaos Karatzas (1705- 1787). From Add MS 8234, as proved in my article, Zerlentis drew texts and testimonies on Antonios and not from some other “proprietary” manuscript of his. Moreover, the text of Chrestoethia is written by Antonios’ own hand, as evidenced by comparison with other autograph codices of the same scribe.
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London British Library (BL) Add. 07143 134-136
London British Library (BL) Add. 08234 passim


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Antonius Byzantius Professeur à l'école patriarcale de Constantinople


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Antonius Byzantius, Chrestoetheia