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Abstract: Brief research devoted to the study of De Ulixis Erroribus, which is a singular treatise that interprets in an allegorical way the wanderings of Odysseus, who becomes a model of impassive endurance before pleasures and temptation. Stoicism, Neo-Platonism and pietas Christiana underlie this allegorical treatise, whose author was a Byzantine Odysseus from Philadelphia, Manuel Gabalas. Due to the discovery of his two still unpublished manuscript copies transmitting this document, it is necessary to elaborate a monographic study on this incomplete and unpublished text of the Palaeologan Renaissance (1261-1453). Keywords: Matthew of Ephesos; Manuel Gabalas; Byzantine Allegory; Textual Criticism; Odyssey; Stoicism; Neoplatonism; Hesychasm

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Μανουὴλ Γαβαλᾶς πρωτονοτάριος, χαρτοφύλαξ τῆς μητροπόλεως Φιλαδελφείας, μητροπολίτης (1329-1351); anti-palamite


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Matthaeus Ephesinus mtr., De erroribus Ulixis Études sur la tradition manuscrite