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Abstract This short article presents two late Greek manuscripts that partially preserve the text of 1 Clement . The first, BNF Suppl. gr. 64, fols. 105-112v (‘P’) is a 15th century manuscript containing 1 Clem . 40.5-60.4a, in a textual form affiliated with Codex Hierosolymitanus (Taphou 54). The second, EBE 1896, fols. 205-223 (‘E’), contains 1 Clement from the incipit through 31.3, and appears to be an apograph of Codex Alexandrinus.
Villes Dépôts Fonds Cotes Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Athêna Ethnikê Bibliothêkê tês Hellados (EBE) fonds principal 1896 Texte aux ff. 205-223 ; sigle E (Lincicum)
Jerusalem Patriarchikê bibliothêkê Panaghiou Taphou 054
London British Library Royal 01 D VIII
Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) supplément grec 0064 Texte aux ff. 105-112v ; sigle P (Lincicum)