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A last teichotaphromachia for the Suda lexicon: The main subject of this paper is the long-debated title of the Suda lexicon, and its aim is threefold. In the first section, this article proposes a re-examination of the manuscript tradition in order to outline better the textual situation concerning the double form Suda/Suida. In this way, it will be shown that the latter stemmed from the manuscript copied by Eustathius, Marc. gr. 448. Secondly, this paper aims at sketching an itemized overview of the multifarious theories developed during the 20th century to explain the meaning of the term. Finally, taking into account the previous sections, the analysis focuses on the occurrences of the substantive Σοῦδα/Σουίδα in the indirect tradition (Eustathius and Stephanus), to which a new learned testimony related to Johannes Tzetzes might be added. The description of Par. gr. 2625 f. Av is given at the end as an appendix.


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Lexica, Suda Discussion du titre de l'oeuvre