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In 1966, Jean Gouillard published a set of excerpts from an unknown work of John the Grammarian. These excerpts, which consist of three paragraph-length quotations arguing against the veneration of icons, survive thanks to being included by an anonymous Iconophile in a two-part treatise dedicated to refuting John’s positions. The treatise itself survives, albeit in a damaged and incomplete state, in a single 13th-century manuscript. In 2011, a diplomatic edition of the first part of the treatise was published in


Nom Remarque Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Theologica, Aduersus Iohannem Cpl. ptr. VII Grammaticum Éditions


Nom Remarque Type Commentaire Tome Pages
España, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Real Biblioteca, fonds principal, Υ. II. 07 (Andrés 262), 0, 200-206v