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After an introduction on the rivalry that pitted against each other the publishers Giunti and Valgrisio, both engaged in printing Galen’s Opera omnia in Venice during the sixteenth century, large portions of a hitherto unnoticed letter preserved in the State Archives of Florence are transcribed. It is a missive dated April 1565 from physician Filippo Niccolozzi, nephew of Tommaso and Giovanni Maria Giunti, addressed from Venice to the Grand Ducal chamberlain Luigi Gherardi in Florence. Niccolozzi, in addition to providing information about his uncles, and mentioning the humanist physicians Jacopo Antonio Mariscotti and Agostino Gadaldini, speaks of an enigmatic Greek monk named “Theoglipto”, who allegedly obtained five hundred gold scudi to travel “to Greece” to retrieve a fabulous Galen codex containing, among other things, the lost De demonstratione, around which considerable interest can be documented in those very years. In all likelihood, this was a swindle or a blunder, to be framed, however, in the particular climate of publishing competition, and also of reckless research and “creation” of unpublished galenic manuscripts, attested at the time in Venice, and fueled by the enduring myth of fabulous Byzantine and post-Byzantine libraries.

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Θεόληπτος μοναχὸς τάχα καὶ σπουδαῖος 11