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Abstract · Hyperbolos and Cleon in Alexander from Nicaea’s scholia on Lucian’s Timon · Among the most important scholars who animated the so called «first Byzantine Humanism», there is Alexander, bishop of Nicaea and professor of rhetoric at the University of Byzantium in the first decades of the 10th century. Out of his main subject, he was versed in both the most important fields of interest and research of the time, that are ancient biography and Lucian. That is why he came into possession of the most ancient complete codex of Lucian’s works (Vat. gr. 90), whereon he wrote many scholia by his own hand. Two of them, related to the Timon, are learned reconstruction of Hyperbolus’ and Cleon’s lives. This essay analyses the structure and the sources of this short ‘encyclopaedic entries’, hypothesizing that the citations embedded in the scholia may go back to Demetrius of Phalerum, perhaps via Didymus of Alexandria. Keywords · Scholia to Lucian; Alexander of Nicaea; Hyperbolus; Cleon; Demetrius of Phalerum; Didymus of Alexandria.