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Abstract: The subject of this contribution is the manuscript Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, Pal. gr. 334, witness of the Orthodoxae Fidei Expositio by John Damascenus, fully written by Demetrius Zenus (Zakynthos, ca. 1503/1504 - Venezia, 1540?), and used as Druckvorlage for the corresponding printed edition of 1531, published by the Nicolini da Sabbio in Verona. The goal is twofold: 1) contextualising the edition published by Bernardinus Donatus and Demetrius Zenus in the context of the cultural project promoted in Verona by bishop Matteo Giberti; 2) carrying out a palaeographic analysis on Pal. gr. 334, with particular attention to its marginalia and to the typographical indications used to prepare the printed edition. Keywords Demetrius Zenus; Bernardinus Donatus; Nicolini da Sabbio Printers; John Damascenus’ Edition; Druckvorlage Manuscript; 16th Century; Verona
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Città del Vaticano Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV) Pal. gr. 334 passim

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Gian Matteo Giberti Évêque de Vérone en 1524
Bernardino Donato (Bonturello)