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The article explains the list of geographical references included in the chronicle of the Pseudo-Symeon 705.16– 707.10 (Bekker) as the result of the careless copying of a dossier of glosses connected with the preparatory work for a lost volume of the Historical Excerpts of Constantine VII. Comparison is made with other contemporary chronicles, such as Book VI of Theophanes continuatus and the so-called Logothete Chronicle B in order to substantiate this hypothesis. It is suggested that Ps-Symeon worked on a copy of the Logothete Chronicle A, which he used as a basis to create a new version of the text expanded with new sources and materials. The problems thus detected make it necessary to reconsider the position of Logothete B in the stemma and to take into account the use of dossiers and the “contamination” (i.e. sharing of sources) among the various versions of the Logothete complex.