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[= The Rediscovery of Origen in Twentieth Century Theology. Testi greci cristiani e traduzioni armene] Abstract. is article investigates the reception of John Chrysostom and the Corpus Chrysostomicum in late antique Armenia. e rst part presents a detailed overview of the status quaestionis on the topic, with surveys of the research on the Armenian Chrysostom, the printed editions, and the Armenian Chrysostomian manuscripts. e second part explores the presence of John Chrysostom and the reception of his wr itings (authentic and spurious) in early Armenian literature (5th/8th-c). e third part describes the contribution of the Armenian translations for the editor of the Greek Chrysostom by means of a case study: the Sermo cum iret in exsilium (CPG 4397). e conclusions call attention to the urgency of an updated list of the Armenian Chrysostomian texts based on a new inventory of Armenian Chrysostomian manuscripts, as well as to the necessity of a more global approach to Greek Patristics that takes into account all traditions of the Christian Orient. Keywords. John Chrysostom. Armenian literature. Armenian translations. Armenian manuscripts.