Pinakes | Πίνακες

Textes et manuscrits grecs

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Siècle : 13 (2/2)

Remarque :

Actif au monastère de S. Salvatore de Messine

Formes équivalentes :

  • Nicolas d'Oria

Identifiants :

Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
RGK I 327
RGK II 445
Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca et Byzantina 1740

Unités codicologiques :

Pays Ville Dépôt Fonds Cote Uc Remarque Nature de la relation Folios Commentaire
Vaticano Città del Vaticano Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV) Barb. gr. 541 2.A - Arabic pagination. - F. 6-7 copied by Nicola, the second scribe who corrected and postiled both the text greek and latin. copiste f. 6-7
France Paris Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) Grec 0106 1.A - Inside cover: Greek index of the manuscript by Ange Vergece (?). - Beginning of the codex: Latin index on a smaller folio inserted at a very later stage. - Arabic pagination. - F. 192: cut with possible loss of text on the recto, verso uacuum. - F. 342r: annotation by a contemporary owner (cf. temoin infra). - F. 133v, 204r: other annotations from later hands. copiste f. A-D, 1-342