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Numéro diktyon : 39870

Type de cote : Actuelle

Titre : Epistulae Pauli; Apocalypsis

Remarque : Olim I.12 (ff. 1-119) et I.13 (120-146)

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Copistes, possesseurs & autres :

Nom Siècle Dates Remarque Nature de la relation Folios Commentaire IRHT – Personnes
Charles Manners-Sutton 18-19 1755-1828 Archiepisc. Canterbury possesseur
  • 107099
Joseph Dacre Carlyle 18-19 1759-1804 possesseur Acquired in the islands of the Aegean Sea or the Sea of Marmara
  • 103408

Identifiants :

Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
Aland minuscules 1955

Bibliographie :


Répertoire Titre Commentaires Tome Pages
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Études sur le manuscrit

Répertoire Titre Commentaires Tome Pages
Hoskier, 1929, Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse: Collations of All Existing Available Greek Documents with the Standard Text of Stephen's Third Edition, Together with the Testimony of Versions, Commentaries and Fathers. A Complete Conspectus of All Authorities Apoc. 93 1 293
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Répertoire Titre Commentaires Tome Pages
1580a Todd, 1823, An Account of Greek Manuscripts, Chiefly Biblical, Which Had Been in the Possession of the Late Professor Carlyle, the Greater Part of Which Are Now Deposited in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth Palace
1584b Herrin, 2006, The Greek Manuscript Collection of Lambeth Palace Library: An exhibition held on the occasion of the 21st International Byzantine Congress: London, 22-23 August 2006

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Numéro Titre Folios Siècle Date Support Principal Remarque Copistes, Possesseurs & Autres Révision
1.A Epistulae Pauli; Apocalypsis 001-146 10-11 Parchemin Although the two parts Epist. Pauli and Revelation had temporarily two different numbers (I.12 and I.13), there can be no doubt about the unity of the Codex
Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
Aland minuscules 1955