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Nom Remarque Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Iohannes Beccus Cpl. ptr. XI, Apologia As suggested by Laurent and Darrouzès, this oration was very likely composed during Bekkos' patriarchate. PG 141, 1009-1020 Études sur l'œuvre 62
Iohannes Beccus Cpl. ptr. XI, De pace ecclesiastica Laurent and Darrouzès date this work immediately after Bekkos' election to the patriarchate (1275-1276). Two different redactions of this text are preserved. Bekkos says that this writing, which is an historical demonstration on the necessity of Church union, is the first half of a two-parts demonstration: the second one, dedicated to the theological argumentation, is the "De processione Spiritus Sancti". PG 141, 925-942 (partial edition) Éditions, Édition de référence Critical edition and French translation 59-70, 424-457
Michael Anchialus Cpl. ptr. III, Dialogus de unione Latinorum et Graecorum L'autenticità dell'opera è stata messa in discussione da Jean Darrouzès, il quale ha proposto per la sua composizione una datazione al XIII secolo (vedi bibliografia) Éditions, Autres éditions Introduzione al testo alle pp. 45-59 346-375
Iohannes Beccus Cpl. ptr. XI, Aduersus eos qui dictum sancti Cyrilli proponunt Leo Allatius printend this work as the twelfth chapter of the "De processione Spiritus Sancti" by the same author, but in fact it constitutes an independent work. PG 141, 249-276 Études sur l'œuvre Laurent and Darrouzès first pointed out that this work constitutes a separate one from the "De processione Spiritus Sancti". 61

Recensions ou parties d'œuvre

Nom Remarque Type Commentaire Tome Pages
1, De pace ecclesiastica, recensio secunda Probably after his deposition (1282), Bekkos undertook the revision of some of his previous works, and that is why the "De pace ecclesiastica" has a second, revised redaction. The author streamlined the original text by eliminating some passages and some quotations; the conclusion is entirely different from the first redaction. Éditions, Édition de référence The readings of the second recension that differ from the first are registered in the apparatus.


Nom Remarque Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Italia, Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (BML), Plut., 08. 26, 0, 046v-55 Études sur la tradition manuscrite 61-62, 69-70
España, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Real Biblioteca, fonds principal, Ω. IV. 02 (Andrés 554), 0, 082-100 Études sur la tradition manuscrite 61-62, 69-70
Vaticano, Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV), Barb. gr., 415, 0, 073-88v Études sur la tradition manuscrite 61-62, 69-70