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The oeuvre of John Geometres, besides his literary works in verse and prose which were famous among the Byzantines and attract a great deal of attention in modern scholarship, includes much lesser-known works of an exegetical genre, in particular commentaries on several homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus. The present article contains a publication of Geometres’ scholia on Or. 1 in two considerably different versions, from cod. Vaticanus Palatinus gr. 402 and cod. Mosquensis Synodalis gr. 147 (53). The second version is largely a stylistic reworking of the first; both concentrate on the rhetorical and theological exegesis of Gregory’s text, but differ in pragmatic orientation. It is also shown that this work of Geometres served as one of the main sources for Nicetas of Heraclea’s commentary on Or. 1.


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Iohannes Cyriotes Geometra, Scholia in Gregorii Nazianzeni Orationes Éditions Édition des scholies sur l'Or. 1 dans deux recensions différentes


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Rossijskaja Federacija, Moskva, Государственный Исторический Музей (ГИМ), Син. гр., 053 (Vlad. 147), 0, 002v-4v Schol. in Or. 1, in marginibus