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Numéro diktyon : 46969

Type de cote : Actuelle

Titre : Tetraeuangelium cum catenis

Remarque : cat. Madan 02044

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  • Rédigé par : Dirkse Saskia
  • Vérifié par : KIM Serguey

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Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
Medium 100003423
Aland minuscules 48
Oxford, catalogue 429

Bibliographie :

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Contenu :

Notice en cours de révision ; informations sur le contenu non disponibles.
Numéro Titre Folios Siècle Date Support Principal Remarque Copistes, Possesseurs & Autres Révision
1.S Canones euangeliorum 001-5 13 Parchemin - The foliation of the ms. restarts on the sixth leaf: the first folio of the ms. is marked as 1, the subsequent four leaves are unnumbered, the sixth leaf (the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew) is marked both as 7 and, in a newer hand, as 1. This later foliation then continues throughout the ms. and is followed by Coxe in his catalogue. To avoid confusion at the point where the foliation starts again, the leaves have been numbered as 1 bis - 5 bis in VMR. - The front board of the ms. is visible in the second VMR image. - The VMR reproduction is incomplete, the verso side of f. 145 is not included in the images but all the Greek text appears to have been photographed.
Numéro Titre Folios Siècle Date Support Principal Remarque Copistes, Possesseurs & Autres Révision
2.A Tetraeuangelium cum catenis, subscr. 1bis-145 12 Parchemin - For more information on the peculiarities of foliation in this ms., see the commentary in UC 1.S. - Only half of f. 145 has been preserved and the final image shows only the recto side which coincides with the end of the catena for John. - For the images on f. 5v, 45v, 71v, 113v, see U.C. 3.S. - The text of the catenae is often laid out in the margins in a delicate tapering and expanding cruciform pattern. This also occurs at the end of some of the Gospel texts. (See Hutter's Marginalia Decorata, p. 104 for more on this). - While there are no visible final flyleaves, the VMR reproduction appears complete at the end.
Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
Aland minuscules 48
Numéro Titre Folios Siècle Date Support Principal Remarque Copistes, Possesseurs & Autres Révision
3.S Imagines 005v, 045v, 071v, 113v 15-16 According to Hutter's description, the images were added to the ms. in the 15th or 16th century. See Hutter, p. 71.