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In this paper I present the homilies attributed to Proclus of Constantinople by the manuscript tradition and by modern scholars, and I try to answer a simple question: how many homilies on Transfiguration do we actually have from Proclus. Even though the manuscript tradition assigns several homilies to Proclus, in fact the authorship of only (one) of these homilies has not been contested so far. I thereafter present this particular homily and propose a new Romanian translation for it.
Villes Dépôts Fonds Cotes Type Commentaire Tome Pages
Athêna Ethnikê Bibliothêkê tês Hellados (EBE) Metochion tou Panagiou Taphou (ΜΠΤ) 163 Traductions Témoin unique (ff. 57-61) de l'homélie BHG 1974s, attribuée à Proclus de Constantinople 272
Vaticano Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV) Vat. gr. 0604 Traductions Ce ms. le plus ancien attribue par erreur à Proclus de CP. l'homélie "In transfigurationem Domini" (CPG 4724, CPG 7900.1 ; BHGa 1975, BHG 1976, BHGa 1986, BHG 1987, BHG 1996p, éd. H. Savile vol. 7, p. 339-340). 275, 276