Pinakes | Πίνακες

Textes et manuscrits grecs

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Siècle : 12 in.

Identifiants :

Répertoire Numéro Url Remarque
RGK I 16

Bibliographie :


Répertoire Titre Commentaires Tome Pages
Vogel and Gardthausen, 1909, Die griechischen Schreiber des Mittelalters und der Renaissance 28, 29

Unités codicologiques :

Pays Ville Dépôt Fonds Cote Uc Remarque Nature de la relation Folios Commentaire
United Kingdom London British Library Add. 28816 1.A - The BL digitization appears to be complete with bindings and flyleaves. - The VMR reproduction of the microfilm appears to be complete for the ancient part of the manuscript. - In the scribal colophon on f. 149v, the scribe mentions that the manuscript took three years to complete. He gives the end date as 1111 (͵ϛχιθʹ) meaning that he began the process in 1109. - It is possible that the codex is mutilated at the beginning given that the first quire is numbered 16. copiste f. 38r, 59v, 71r, 87v, 102r, 107r, 143r, 149v Date on f. 87v, 149v.
Österreich Wien Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB) Suppl. gr. 164 1.A copiste 103r.