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In addition to being an important source for the exegetical history of Acts 1, the sermon we edit here, In ascensionem et in principium Actorum (CPG 4187), is an essential witness to the Constantinopolitan celebration of Christ’s ascension at the beginning of the fifth century. The sermon also sheds light on the conflict between Severian and John Chrysostom, and it fills out our knowledge of Severian’s Christology. Ours is the first complete critical edition of the Greek text. Bernard de Montfaucon’s editio princeps (1721) followed a single manuscript in omitting a substantial portion of the sermon, an omission which was replicated in the Patrologia Graeca. This omitted portion was finally restored to its author in the 1978 dissertation of Judit Kecskeméti, where it was edited on the basis of two Parisian manuscripts. Our edition is based on eight manuscripts copied between the ninth and the fifteenth centuries. The introduction treats the sermon’s history of interpretation as well as its extent and integ...


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Seuerianus Gabalensis ep., In Ascensionem Domini nostri Iesu Christi et in principium Actorum PG 52, 773-792 ; Bishop - Rambault 2017, pp. 184-227 édition et commentaire